A decision is made.

From now on, I choose to work only with people and projects that inspire me, bring mutual hapiness, make a positive impact in life, and pay me the bills.

Why do I do this?

Because I love what I do. I am a professional, and I make a living out of making stuff.

Nevertheless, I expect that you have the same passion and drive for your business, that we could easily identify with each other and make something really great together.

How I do it?

With love. I use modern front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, as well as the good ol' back-end tools of the trade like PHP/MySQL.

WordPress is my CMS of choice.

What I do?

I make awesome websites and apps with a touch of social media and digital marketing.

What I don't do?

Make websites and apps like your neighbor's kid (for 100 bucks). I don't design.
I don't work for glory. I don't work for free, unless it is something that I really really really like and can open some new doors for both you and me.

I don't come to your basement to chat about possibilities of having some juice from this great idea you have in Powerpoint.

Wanna do business?

I told you what I do and don't. Now it's your turn. Let's make it happen.

Drop me an e-mail and find me on Twitter or Facebook and I'll get back at you.
Visit my blog to find more about what I do, or use this nice contact form